Geeks Rule, Hipsters Drool


This is so accurate it’s scary!

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Geeks vs Hipsters



LEGO Hobbit Board Game Revealed

Awesome news today, if you’re a LEGO fan, a Tolkien fan, or even better, both! We already knew that a LEGO Hobbit board game was on its way, but very few details were available. Now, has new info about the set, and it looks brilliant. Let’s go through it step by step.

First, the box. Only one thing to say: wow!


Next, the microfigures. As you probably know, microfigures are smaller versions of minifigures used in LEGO board games. They’re always awesome, and these don’t disappoint.


Like many microfigures, these are based on existing minifigures from the sets. The process of making something smaller, while retaining its key features, is always interesting. Gandalf is especially cool; the small hat, made from two common LEGO pieces, is a great design.


Now, the board.

The board! Yay!

It’s hard to think of anything to say other than what I used for the box, but I’ll try. This is a great design, and looks like it’ll be a blast to play. The board captures the charm of Hobbiton impressively. The hobbit holes all look essentially the same (although with different decorations), but that’s made up for by their epicness. They’re a great representation; again, it’s interesting to note how they’ve been downsized. Here, the transformation is even more drastic.


The gameplay tiles look awesome as well: food, runes, Bilbo, Frodo (why? maybe representing other hobbits?), Thorin, and dwarves, which disappointingly seems to only be in one kind. It’s not quite clear how these will be used. However, the description says the game is about “find[ing] the missing dwarves in Hobbiton,” and compares it to the game of memory.

Altogether, this looks like both an awesome set and an awesome board game. ToysRUs says it’ll be released in September, which would be great, but a December release (around the time of the movie!) is more likely. Either way, it’s worth waiting for.

Doctor Who Poem


Doctor Who fans get ready, for the best poem you will ever read. I might be exaggerating a bit when I say this, partly because I wrote it and partly because I am a Doctor Who fan. Anywho, I wrote this poem on Doctor Who based off the first episode in the fifth series (The Eleventh Hour). Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Geronimo!

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Christmas is almost here and we all know what that means: vacation from work and school, a chance to see family, and of course the possibility of new Apple products! Below you will find a funny little video depicting what might have happened if social networks such as Twitter and Foursquare had been invented around the time of Jesus’ birth. Anyway, have a very merry Christmas and enjoy this video!

Test Your Apple Knowledge

Did you get Walter Isaacson’s new Steve Jobs biography yet? If not, order it now! But if you have it, you can use it to test your knowledge of all things . At the beginning, there’s a Character list, showing all who had a connection to Jobs, most through Apple. Count how many of the fifty-seven people you already know of. (I got thirty-one.)

Video: iMac prank

Here is a cool prank you can play on someone; swap the peripherals with another computer nearby and watch as your victim tries in vain to get the computer to respond. That’s exactly what YouTube user; BreathingBreathless did in his video. This video was created for a school project that followed this premise: How to make someone mad in a room filled with computers without using any sound while also working on different camera angles. Bonus points from Geeks Rule for using Macs and editing it with Final Cut Pro!