In honor of one year since Steve Jobs left this earth, here is a touching video that really goes with its music. Even though it was made right after his passing, it still might bring a tear to your eye.


Indian Tech Support

This is a slightly humorous short story I wrote a few weeks ago. The story is basically an exaggeration of the frustration someone might face while trying to work with tech support over the phone.

Feel free to share the story with others or tell me what you think about it. And yes, I drew the RAM stick.

Macworld 2011 Photo Gallery

Geeks Rule was busy this week visiting the Macworld Expo 2011 at Moscone West in beautiful San Francisco. I know I had a blast walking around the expo floor and taking pictures.

I purchased some new earbuds from Sennheiser and even got some comments on my cool hair and wire bracelet! Check out our photo gallery of cool Apple and tech products on Dropbox and Facebook.

Surprise on September 1st

Redesigned products and new operating systems weren’t the only hot topics at the Keynote on the first of September. Naturally, an event so centered on music can’t possibly go without a live performance. The surprise guest, though, blew me away. I had never expected to hear him introduced as “…one of our favorite artists” by Steve Jobs, but when I saw the album artwork Steve displayed on the screen, I nearly wept for joy.

Chris Martin stepped onto the stage.

Although the rest of the group had been “too lazy” as Martin put it, to attend, he had been more than willing to play for the crowd in San Francisco. He played two of Coldplay’s greatest hits (Yellow and Viva La Vida) and a new song, called “Wedding Bells” that may or may not be released. Coldplay is working on their next album, which I predict* will be released sometime next year. Until then, you can satisfy your curiosity about this amazing group at the Coldplay website.

*According to Amazon.com and Chris Martin, the album will be released before the end of this year.

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Discover the full potential of Dropbox

When you get right down to it, Dropbox is a pretty simple application. It syncs files—that’s it. But what makes Dropbox amazing is the sheer number of different ways you can use that functionality, by itself or in conjunction with other programs, to improve your computing experience. And if you don’t have Dropbox, well you’re missing out, Big time! Download Dropbox here.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to share with you things that I think everyone should know about Dropbox, from how to get extra storage for free to how to use Dropbox to host your own website!

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