Surprise on September 1st

Redesigned products and new operating systems weren’t the only hot topics at the Keynote on the first of September. Naturally, an event so centered on music can’t possibly go without a live performance. The surprise guest, though, blew me away. I had never expected to hear him introduced as “…one of our favorite artists” by Steve Jobs, but when I saw the album artwork Steve displayed on the screen, I nearly wept for joy.

Chris Martin stepped onto the stage.

Although the rest of the group had been “too lazy” as Martin put it, to attend, he had been more than willing to play for the crowd in San Francisco. He played two of Coldplay’s greatest hits (Yellow and Viva La Vida) and a new song, called “Wedding Bells” that may or may not be released. Coldplay is working on their next album, which I predict* will be released sometime next year. Until then, you can satisfy your curiosity about this amazing group at the Coldplay website.

*According to and Chris Martin, the album will be released before the end of this year.

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iOS 4: An Overview

Multitasking iPhone Folders iPhone iBooks iPhone
Everyone knows about the new iOS that has just been released. The incredible hype surrounding it has made iOS 4 one of the most-anticipated Apple operating systems, but are all of those features as fantastic, as magical as they are made out? I’ll go into a brief but detailed analysis of the major features touted in iOS 4, and see whether they are as effective as the rumors say. As an iPod Touch user, I don’t have access to features involving the camera or GPS functionality, but the features I do have are mind blowing.

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