About us

Geeks Rule is a website made for geeks by geeks. We are a community of computer tech lovers, hackers and DIYers, and just plain old nerds. Our content is as unique as our writers. That is because we don’t enslave robots to the task of writing articles for us. Although, that would be cool…

The Editors

There are currently several people posting articles regularly and a few more who post whenever they have the time.  We are always looking for new ideas so if you have a tip, how-to, rant, or really anything, be sure to share it with us and your fellow geeks.



Senior Editor


Contributing Editors

rciegeek, Artorius FrostNeo


G2, Lore, xenophonofathens

Learn how you can post things on the site.


Geeks Rule has now branched out to a bevy of social networks other than just the main website. Below is a complete guid on the current ways communicate and stay up to date with us.

RSS Feeds
The classic RSS feed, we has it.

Email notifications
Entering your email address into the text box on the right hand side of the website will allow you to receive email updates on new posts. It’s quite simple really.

Genius Bahr
Named both after Apple’s Genius bar and our editor in chief, the Genius Bahr is basically a giant chat room where you can talk about anything geek.

Every post and page is equipped with a comments section below the main content. Use them! Sometimes we ask for your opinion on a particular subject. Others you feel like if you don’t comment your RAM will fall out. Either way you should feel free to post comment on any section of the site.

The forum is the best place to go to talk to any of our editors. We’re always ready to give answers to tough technical questions.

The newest addition to the Geeks Rule social family, our Twitter page will keep you up to date on new posts and news.

Our Facebook page is very similar to our twitter page, plus our epic photo galleries and videos.

Google Buzz

Buzz, for people who don’t use twitter but want the same functionality.

Steam is a slightly different genre of social network. In fact it technically isn’t even a social network at all, but instead a social gaming network. You may wonder why Geeks Rule is on a social gaming network. Well, in short, we are planning on doing some sort of event where you could battle the Geeks Rule editors in online games and tournaments. Although this is still a work in progress, you can still start your own mini events there.


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