Mountain Lion

The new version of OS X, 10.8 Mountain Lion, was today previewed on Apple’s site! It continues the trend of bringing iOS features to the Mac, this time with iOS 5 features such as Reminders, Messaging, and Notifications, as well as a new Mac Notes app. It also brings new Sharing integration, including websites like Twitter and Vimeo (YouTube, a Google service, seems absent).

One feature, however, is a little disturbing: users can now choose to restrict downloads to the Mac App Store only, or to the Mac App Store and developers certified by Apple (which is “recommended”). It seems Apple is trying to gain even tighter control over users’ software downloads. This is my response:


3 comments on “Mountain Lion

  1. To the serious Mac-user, this does seem to be a frightening change. However, unless Apple eventually removes the option to download from anywhere (which I don’t think they are unwise enough to do), it should pose no real threat. In fact, using the recommended option would be good for the casual Mac-user, as it would protect them from the few Mac viruses there are.

    But what I want to know about it is how much it will cost. Coming so soon after Lion, it seems like it would be a free update. However, they do call it 10.8, indicating that they consider it to be an important release.

    No matter the details, I will be excited to get my hands on this update in the summer!

    • Well, it’s definitely an important update. Free updates only ever contain things like bug fixes. Apple’s just trying to accelerate their development pace to once-a-year, like iOS, because the releases are now tied together. As for the price, I’d guess $29, like Lion.

      • It would also be nice for the very small portion of the world who is still running Snow Leopard to be able upgrade straight to Mountain Lion from the Mac App store without needing to buy Lion for another $29.

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