LotR Extended Editions in Theaters

An extremely special event is taking place in AMC theaters this month. The Lord of the Rings films are coming back to the big screen, in their full Extended Editions. Each of the three movies plays a different week, on Tuesday. On the 14th, I saw The Fellowship of the Ring in Phoenix. I noticed some changes, even from the Extended Editions on DVD; several lines were added (when the characters’ mouths were hidden, so only the audio had to be changed). But most of all, I realized that this, in their uncut entirety and big-screen glory, is how the greatest films ever made were meant to be seen.

Why now? Well, the Extended Editions are finally releasing on Blu-ray this month. For a rather long (but interesting) overview of the trilogy’s home video releases, watch this video by author J.W. Braun. They’ll become available on the 28th, the day Return of the King shows in theaters, so the showings build up to the release.

So what are you waiting for? If you live close enough to a participating theater (PDF download), buy your tickets here!


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