Turn Your Laced Shoes Into Slip-Ons With Elastic

If you’re like me, you have problems with laced shoes, whether they’re always coming undone or it takes you forever to actually get them tied. Well, elastic is here to your rescue! Using a simple strip of elastic as the lace, you can create a quick pair of slip-on shoes.

Materials needed

  • Two yards of 1/2″ elastic – Try to get the same width as your current laces. I purchased two yards for $1.50 at a local craft/quilting store, but  most Walmarts carry elastic.
  • Scissors – For cutting stuff.
  • A pair of laced shoes – You know, the things that go on your feet.


  • Needle and thread – For securing the elastic to the inside of the shoe
  • Tape or a lighter – For sealing the end of the elastic.


Start out by removing the lace on one shoe (you will use the other shoe as a guide). Take one yard of elastic and tape the ends so they can easily be laced. For a little anti- fray strength, you may want to hold a flame for 1-2 seconds to the ends of the elastic. This will melt some of the elastic and prevents fraying.

WARNING: Lighting the elastic will basically catch it on fire. Be ready to quickly extinguish the flames.

Once you have finished preparing the elastic, begin lacing one of your shoes with elastic. If needed, use the other shoe as a guide to see where the elastic should go.

The next step is to secure the elastic. You can either tie a small knot where you would normally tie a regular shoelace, or sew the extra elastic to the inside of the shoe as I did.

When completed, repeat the same process on the other shoe.


These are your shoes, so you can hack them however you want. Some ideas include: using different colors of elastic, creating a cool pattern or design with the elastic, or using an old bike inner tube instead of the elastic.


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