Sparrow Enters the App Store

Sparrow, a Gmail client for the Mac that launched in beta form a few months ago, now has released on the Mac App Store as version 1.0. I tried the beta, and liked the app, but couldn’t stand Gmail and ended up deleting Sparrow. The next version will add support for other IMAP clients, including MobileMe. A Lite version has also supposedly been submitted.

Sparrow’s launch is likely the biggest ever on the Store. A $10 app (limited-time price), it rocketed to the top of the Top Paid list, displacing the half-as-costly Angry Birds and Braid. It also knocked Aperture for the first time ever off the Top Grossing slot, and is currently more popular than every other productivity app, including the free ones. It will be interesting to see whether this popularity lasts.

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3 comments on “Sparrow Enters the App Store

  1. This looks like a very intriguing app! Although, for Sparrow to be awesome for me one or more of these will have to happen. (Personally, I would choose option 1.):

    1. I get a Mac

    2. it becomes available on Windows

    3 I build a Hackintosh

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