Filming of ‘The Hobbit’ to Start This Month

For those of you Lord of the Ring geeks out there, you might be interested in hearing that filming of the live action Hobbit movie should begin later this month. According to, the movie will be directed by Petter Jackson whom you may love or hate for his job on the original three Lord of the Ring movies. The Hobbit appears to be in two parts and probably in 3D.

We should expect to see some old and familiar faces in the cast including Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Martin Freeman as Billbo, and Andy Serkis as the voice of  Gollum. It is rumored that Orlando Bloom may have a 2 minute cameo and get paid $1 Million for it. (Talk about the best 2 minutes of your life.) has cast and character movie sheets that list what cast members are confirmed and what characters will be added on to the main story. The first of the two movies is due for release in December 2012.


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