Most Addicting Apps of the Week (MAAW)

Every week we will try to bring you our most addicting applications of that week. Most will be games, though some might be other kinds of apps. Warning! These app are very addicting! If you have anything that must be completed DO NOT download these apps! Geeks Rule is not responsible for any work you don’t complete! Although, if you have nothing better to do, then have at ‘em!


You are trapped in a city of destruction. You only escape is to run away. Dodge obstacles and try to gat as far away as you can. The game also features an epic soundtrack designed to enhance gameplay.

Death Worm

In this game you are an oversized worm that jumps above the ground and eats humans, birds, dromedars and other animals… What could be more fun ?

Pulse News Mini

Pulse is an elegant news reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It incorporates colorful panning story bars and fills them with content from your favorite sources. Pulse redefines news, giving you the opportunity to experience the news you desire from traditional sources, your favorite blogs and social networks – all in one beautiful interface.



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