Most Addicting Apps of the Week (MAAW)

Every week we will try to bring you our most addicting applications of that week. Most will be games, though some might be other kinds of apps. Warning! These app are very addicting! If you have anything that must be completed DO NOT download these apps! Geeks Rule is not responsible for any work you don’t complete! Although, if you have nothing better to do, then have at ’em!

Tiny Xmas chef

Tiny Xmas chef is basically a glorified Christmas version of Tiny Chef. That being said, it is slightly different. The music is different (more ‘Holidayish’ one might say),  the waiters look like elves, and your customers have winter gear and clothes. You can continue your restaurant from Tiny Chef and use your restaurant in either game.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPod touch


Osmos is a strategy/puzzle game where you’re an orb of energy. You move around by clicking the mouse but you lose some of your energy as you do. You can absorb smaller orbs of energy but you get absorbed by larger orbs. There are several types of levels but in all the main point is to become big or the biggest. If you didn’t get Osmos in the Humble Bundle 2, the game is on sale at Steam, or you can get it at their website.


Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

High Noon

Stick ’em up! With High Noon your iPhone or iPod touch becomes your weapon. You can challenge people and be challenged online through Game Center. Customize your gun slinger with a wide assortment of hats, guns, boots,  jackets, and more. Other things like rope to hang your opponent upside down and flour that will blind them allowing you to get in cheap shots.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPod touch



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