MarkdownMail for iOS

MarkdownMail for iOS

MarkdownMail for iPhone

MarkdownMail, a new iOS app from SecondGear Software, is my current favorite application. The concept is simple: a small app to compose and send emails written in John Gruber’s easy-to-read markup language, Markdown. The app itself, too, is very simple, but quite useful as well.

Markdown is designed to be simplistic and to resemble its output. Writing in the language is easy, and much more intuitive than with like HTML. Read about it at John Gruber’s page.

The app has a surprising array of uses, too. As well as the number of possibilities in Markdown itself (including formatting, images, and links), MarkdownMail is the easiest way I know to send emails coded in HTML. The interface could use some polish, but updates to the app are hopefully coming. All in all, this is a neat app with many uses. It’s $1.99 on the App Store.
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