iPad Slowing PC Sales, Possibly Causing Memory Overstocks

Article reprinted from Mac|life.com

According to Samsung, a recent slowing in computer sales came close to triggering an oversupply in RAM. It didn’t quite get there, thanks to phones and servers keeping supply-and-demand stable, but if the slowdown continues the market may still be oversaturated come fall or winter.

And of course, companies are quick to blame the iPad for the drop in demand. Since the iPad performs similarly to a netbook, but uses nearly a quarter of the RAM (256MB as opposed to 1GB), customers would have to purchase a lot more iPads to reduce an overstock in memory. It doesn’t help that both Samsung and ASUS have been seeing a loss in netbook sales lately.

But, this is all presuming that people are actually buying iPads instead of PCs. Do you buy it?

Via Reuters


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