Apple Offers Free Bumpers to all iPhone 4 Buyers

At Apple’s iPhone 4 event today, CEO Steve Jobs discussed the iPhone 4’s much-publicized antenna issues. He said that the issue affects all smartphones, and said a complete fix is impossible in either hardware or software. The company, however, said that all phones can be returned and refunded within thirty days of purchase, and promised to give all buyers through September 30 free “bumper” cases, and to refund previous bumper purchases. Information on how to obtain one will be available “late this week.”

Throughout the event, Jobs stressed Apple’s concern for its customers, and said that Apple was working hard on this issue. He also demonstrated how media attention for this problem has been blown out of proportion, with only about 0.55% of users complaining to AppleCare.
Apple posted a new page,, to its website, showing how several other smartphones experience similar problems. The video of the event has been posted to the site (almost immediately, unlike the company’s keynote addresses).

For more information, see the detailed writeup on Macworld.


3 comments on “Apple Offers Free Bumpers to all iPhone 4 Buyers

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