The New iPhone 4 Has been Released!!!

We have all been excited for the iPhone 4 to come out and now it is finally here!

The new iPhone has many new features, including:

iOS 4: The newest and most advanced iPhone OS

Face Time: this is the most amazing new feature that Apple has ever made. You can actually video-call someone on your iPhone; it is the best thing that could come to the iPhone.

Retina display: the retina display is highest quality display ever put in a mobile phone; it has four times as many pixels as older iPhones and the iPod touch.

One shocking factor is that it is at least as popular as the iPad. Apple has sold more than 1.5 Million iPhones in the first day. (The original iPhone sold one million in over two months, and the 3G and 3GS both launched a million units during release weekend.)


One comment on “The New iPhone 4 Has been Released!!!

  1. Wow, quite a successful release. That’s huge. I look forward to video calls becoming a new mobile standard as other brands scramble to catch up as Apple continues to set the pace for the industry.

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