Apple Releases Redesigned Mac Mini

Those fearing Apple’s attention has switched completely from the Mac to the iPhone may have had their worries calmed, at least for now. The company released a new Mac mini, with likely the biggest change from its predecessor yet.

The new computer’s case is now metal, with a black Apple logo and black port section on the back—it looks really awesome! Apple’s well-developed unibody technology, used in MacBooks and iPads, now comes to the Mac mini. The device’s underside features a large, circular removable panel, allowing, for the first time, easy replacement of such components as the memory. Mac mini’s power supply is now built in, requiring only a single cord. New ports include HDMI output, which works with almost any TV, and an SD card slot for quick importing from a camera. The new mini’s graphics system is identical to the MacBook’s: the NVidia GeForce 320, which Apple describes as “the fastest integrated graphics processor on the market today.” It supports up to 500GB of storage (320 is standard) and 8GB of RAM (though that costs $500 extra). The default processor, Core 2 Duo as before, runs at 2.4GHz; users can upgrade to 2.66GHz for $150. Apple now offers only one standard model, selling for $699 (100 more than the previous low-end model). The server Mac mini, which drops the SuperDrive in favor of 1TB of storage (and also comes with twice the RAM), and includes the $499 Snow Leopard Server, stays at $999.

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