Possibilities for Monday’s Keynote Address

As Apple fans around the world eagerly await Steve Jobs’s WWDC Keynote on Monday, I have put together a list of possible releases or announcements that may take place.

New iPhone! (evidence: lots!; see Neo’s article here)
iPhone 4.0- with widgets? (evidence: Apple pulled widget apps from App Store; Steve Jobs said “anything is possible” with regards to widgets) with something based on Siri (“personal assistant” app)? (evidence: Apple bought Siri)
New Apple TV: Cheap, cloud-connected? (evidence: rumors)
New Macs: Mac Pro, MacBook Air (evidence: due for a refresh!)
New 27-inch LED Cinema Display (price drop on 24-inch?) (evidence: rumors)
MobileMe cheaper, or free (evidence: rumors)
iTunes.com (evidence: Apple bought Lala)
iPhone on Verizon or other character (evidence: contract with AT&T likely expired)
New Mac mini (evidence: Apple’s stock running low)
Safari 5, with expanded or full HTML5 support, possibly extensions, and more (evidence: here and here)

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