Apple Launches New HTML5 Page

Apple has created a new section of its website,, which shows off HTML5’s features and potential. The site showcases the new standard’s video, typography, gallery, transitions, audio, and virtual reality (including 360° rotations) capabilities. Though this may help the public understand the upcoming enhancements to web technologies,

Apple’s motive seems clearly to show HTML5’s superiority to Flash, or at least that an alternative exists. This, however, may cause Flash fans to dislike HTML5 and oppose it, not realizing that it’s simply a new version of the language the web is made in, which happens to compete with Flash in many ways, but contains many more features for web developers. Still, the page is slick and the demos are awesome, so check it out now!

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2 comments on “Apple Launches New HTML5 Page

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  2. Good job Nick! Now if only GR could get some of that…

    P.S. When I looked at this on my iPod touch it went to the UK Apple store, but Safari on my computer loaded it just fine, hm….

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